Do you feel stressed ?

Are you tired or exhausted?

Do you have small children?



Do you want to relax?

Do you want to regenerate?

Do you want to change something in your life ?


You don`t have to manage everything on your own!



Cordula Steffen

• helps you in stressful situations

 offers you relaxation, peace and well-being 

 supports you to bring harmony into your life




What do you receive from Cordula Steffen?





coaching, therapy

parents offers

baby care

further education


Please ask me for more information.





Who is Cordula Steffen


Alternative practitioner for bond based psychotherapy (HeilpraktikerG),

Eurythmy-teacher (art of movement)

TAO-masseuse and


Get in contact with me.

Inform yourself about my sevices.                                         

Decide freely what you want.           




Where do I find Cordula Steffen?


Floating, movement, massage, coaching

in our studio:


Care & Wellness Studio "Samadhi-Oase"

Lange Straße 22

89160 Dornstadt


Enjoy floating with a salt-oil-massag afterwards -relaxing and regenerating.

More information on our website


Baby-care and parental counseling:


Traminerweg 12/1                                                                

89075 Ulm                                                                       





I´m sure you still have questions...

Use my contact formular for a message (click on the word "contact")

You can also give me a phone call

Our number is

0731 - 61 81 48





You find me on facebook and youtube.






Note for parents:

"Mamaglück" is a new course for stressed mamas with children less than 3 years old supported by the city ulm

Cordula Steffen is cooperation partner of the program "Nestwerk" of the city of Ulm

More infos via:




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